Emergency Situations and Evacuation Plans

We make every attempt to be prepared for potential emergency situations.  We regularly practice emergency evacuations and lock down procedures.  An emergency plan and list of evacuation routes are posted in every classroom.  If an actual emergency requires evacuation you will be notified once the children are in a safe area.

Specific Emergency Events:

Missing Child – Person who suspects that a child is missing/kidnapped will immediately notify the director. Police will be notified immediately.  It is the responsibility of the police to notify the parent(s).  The director is responsible for all communication with the public and media. 

Evacuation of Children – Take Contact Cards/cell phones/students and staff medical information/Emergency Backpacks/student medication. Public Transportation will be used whenever possible, emergency and staff cars as last options.

Fire – We will evacuate immediately, following the classroom/building/evacuation procedures and all educators will remain with their students. Attendance will be taken once outside.  Fire officials will be fully in charge and will determine when re-entry is possible.  Parents will be advised of the situation and given procedures to follow. 

Natural Disaster (blizzard, earthquake, flood, tornado, severe thunderstorms) – At the first site of lightening all staff and students should go inside and/or remain inside the building. We will contact parents of early dismissal if necessary.  Students should be kept away from external doors and windows.  We will follow evacuation procedures if necessary. 

Loss of Power, Heat, or Hot Water – The directors will be notified. Weymouth DPW and Mass Electric/National Grid will be contacted.  If they cannot restore the situation within a reasonable time (considering time of year/weather/temperature, etc.) parents will be notified of a pending closing.  If we are required to evacuate, we will follow evacuation procedure. 

Shelter In-Place Emergency – When there is a hazardous situation nearby or a dangerous storm, children and staff remain inside the school while the director notifies parents of the emergency via e-mail and telephone.

Lock-Down – If there is a dangerous situation outside that necessitates securing the school and keeping the children away from any windows, the director will coordinate with Public Safety officials as to how long to remain in lock-down. Under no circumstances may anyone enter or leave the building during a lock-down

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