The first day your child attends Bright Beginnings, we need the completed Enrollment Packet. Without these completed documents (which must be updated annually) we cannot care for your child.

The reason for this is so we have all the important information and phone numbers we will need to provide the best possible care for your child.  If you have not already done so, every family is welcome to tour the school and meet with the director and teachers prior to enrollment to discuss any and all pertinent information about your child’s needs. 

If your child is receiving services from an outside source, it would be a good idea to share that information with us so we can continue to care and educate your child with any and all necessary tools.


  1. Physical Examination – A statement from a physician or health care professional that says that your child received a physical exam within the past year
  2. Immunization Record – Evidence that your child has been immunized as recommended by the Department of Public Health
  3. Lead Screening – If your child is nine (9) months of age or older, a statement from a physician or health care professional which says that your child has been screened for lead poisoning.
  4. Information on allergies, special diets, chronic health conditions and/or any special limitations or concerns, including medications the child is taking at home or school and possible side effects of those medications

Please note: Your child’s immunization record must be updated and given to Bright Beginnings in accordance with the Department of Public Health’s immunization schedule. Also, your child’s lead screening report must be updated as required by Department of Public Health Regulations. This report must also be given to Bright Beginnings.

Philosophy & Mission

Here at Bright Beginnings our teachers are passionately dedicated to ensuring your child is cared for in a nurturing and educational environment.  The curriculum grows with your child and we encourage exploring and imagining so learning is fun!