Serving Children With Special Needs

Children with Disabilities- Childcare programs provide public accommodation and therefore must comply with the ADA. Inclusion of children with special needs has been shown to enrich the childcare experience for all staff, and children and families of enrolled children.

• Children with special needs will be accepted into our program under the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

• All families will be treated with dignity and with respect for their individual needs and/or differences

• Bright Beginnings will be responsible for ensuring that confidentiality about special needs is maintained for all families and staff in the program.

• Children with special needs will fully be given the opportunity to participate in the program possible. To accomplish this, Bright Beginnings may consult with other caregivers or agencies to support their medical needs and learning needs, provided parental permission is granted. Inclusion of program staff on IFSP and IEP case conferences is desired to ensure Bright Beginnings provides the most supportive environment possible.

• All staff will receive general training on the benefits of inclusion of children with special needs and training on specific accommodations that any child in their classroom may need as well as additional training by our healthcare consultant as needed for medical needs.

• The individual written plan of care for children with special care needs will be followed in all emergency situations.

Philosophy & Mission

We are so excited you have decided to have your family join ours!!  Here at Bright Beginnings our teachers are passionately dedicated to ensuring your child is cared for in a nurturing and educational environment.