Safe Sleep

Supervision of children is equally important during the times that a child is sleeping at the program, particularly when that child is an infant.  EEC has very specific regulations around safe sleep practices.  All infants are placed on their backs to sleep, unless a child’s physician orders otherwise (such an order must be given to me in writing). 

Children in our infant room are not allowed to have any stuffed animals, pillows, comforters, or other padding in their crib.  All cribs are up to date with the new crib regulations that took effect for EEC in 2012.  If your child is less than six months old, your child’s teacher will directly supervise them during naptime for the first six weeks they are in care.  For more information regarding Safe Sleep, please feel free to review the ‘Family Child Care Policies’ section of

Philosophy & Mission

We are so excited you have decided to have your family join ours!!  Here at Bright Beginnings our teachers are passionately dedicated to ensuring your child is cared for in a nurturing and educational environment.