Child Guidance

Not only do our teachers focus on keeping your child safe and providing them with an educational environment, they are teaching them self-help skills and how to interact with each other appropriately.  This guidance is positive, consistent, and based on the individual needs and development of your child. 

We encourage self-control and using positive language to solve problems.  Helping children to learn social, communication and emotional strength is important for their growth and development.  We teach strategies that are used to encourage appropriate behaviors to enable children to use their language rather than aggression.

Your child’s teacher will have classroom rules that the children will be involved in creating.  This gives the children a sense of ownership of these rules.  Teachers recognize and reinforce appropriate behaviors, have reasonable expectations, setting clear and consistent limits and redirection as positive guidance tools.

At no time is corporal punishment and/or verbally degrading a child, depriving a child of food or outdoor time, or confining to a piece of equipment/and or excessive time outs allowed.  Instead we encourage students with positive reinforcement.

Philosophy & Mission

We are so excited you have decided to have your family join ours!!  Here at Bright Beginnings our teachers are passionately dedicated to ensuring your child is cared for in a nurturing and educational environment.